If you are pregnant for the first time, you are definitely unknown to the feeling that “how I will know for sure that I am in labor.”

Hey, take a look at these six early signs of labor after that you will get yourself to the feeling that your baby is just a step away to interact with this world.

  1. Your cervix dilates

You are in the last time section of your pregnancy. So, your cervix will prepare for birth and dilates. It actually happens some three or four days or a week before you deliver. Dilation and effacement can be checked and tracked with an internal examination.

There is no need to worry if you are dilating slowly because every individual progresses differently.

  1. Increased back pain and cramps

Cramps and pain in the lower back may occur as you go near labor. This especially happens when you are not in your first pregnancy. Your muscles and joints start stretching as your body prepares for birth.

  1. The loose feeling in joints

When you are in pregnancy a hormone called relaxing makes your ligaments loosen up a little. So whenever you go in labor, just before the actual moment you will feel your joints less tight all over the body. This takes your body to a relaxing state. Actually, it is the natural way of talking your pelvis to level so that your little passenger can come out and open eyes in the real world.

  1. The feeling of extra tiredness

This condition arises in every pregnancy. You have not to worry about anything. Just take long undisturbed naps.

  1. Frequent contractions and feeling of something strong

Contractions are one of the early signs of labor. Contractions can be experienced before weeks and even some months before the actual delivery.

Here I am giving up some points. so that you could better understand that if you are in a dilemma that You are in a real or false labor pain? These key points will help you understand the difference between both.

  • contractions will get stronger when you are active.
  • contractions will not go away with the change of body position.
  • These contractions go more frequent as time passes and you come near to labor.

You should pay attention to this sign od contraction because it can be easily detected. So be ready to land your destiny to this world when you notice contraction.

  1. Baby Drops

When your body actually prepares itself for the labor, baby settles deeper in the pelvis, so that you could feel lighter. As a result, you will feel less pressure in your chest and abdomen, it makes you breathe easily and helps out you to eat a full meal.

In fact, it does not mean that labor is near. It may take a few more weeks. Moreover, if you are the first-time mom you have baby dropping earlier than experienced moms.

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