Once you are in Delhi, you cannot deny the fact of meeting a lot and enjoying the spicy food available everywhere. When we are talking about food everywhere, well it is very obvious that we are talking about street food at the first instinct. Well, and then let’s talk about amazing street food available in Delhi which you cannot afford missing at any cost.


Many people call it pani puri, some call it puchka. No matter what name you call it by, that small ball of spicy water with little of masala gives you the feeling of heaven the moment you put it in your mouth. That amazing part about it is, you can find it in every corner and after every ten steps and the eagerness of people waiting to try one.I personally feel like playing a one on one with Golgappe wale bhaiya. The water is so spicy that even that next door aunty keeps her tongue out with fire and holds her hand for another gol gappa. There is always a story about it and we all enjoy it.


Yummy chaat, Bhaiyaji dahi thoda zyada, Bhaiyaji meethi chutney kam zara. Those words are like everywhere when you enter an Indian fair or that evening food stall. Those potatoes are filled up with oil and your daddy still can’t avoid eating it. It makes me have water in my mouth when i just talk about it.

Rabdi Jalebi

Try morning at some market and you will find people having that tasty Rabdi Jalebi or Milk Jalebi. I guess by now you have already made plans for tomorrow morning, but guess what no matter how much you resist it, you know you gonna eat it. That juicy no shapes circles are worth every bite.

Pic Source – Magicpin

Pav Bhaji

That vada pav or that bhaji vada has got their own place but when it comes to street food, Pav bhaji has got its own place, from Delhi to Pune to that corner shop in Bangalore. That Sagar Ratna to Shiv Sagar, we always have one common order to make and that is Pav bhaji.


Chole bhature

Filled with oil from every way possible. Chole Bhature are one of the awesome dish we could eat on the streets of Delhi. Chola Bhature and then a gulab jamun makes our journey amazing on the streets. Uncle, Aunty, Mummy-papa, every generation has an amazing affection to that dish with oil.

chole bhature


If you are on the streets of delhi to try some delicious food then your journey is not complete without having these kachori, You can have these kachori on every street, every corner of Delhi & we actually can fill up our stomach with one full kachori. It can be a snack or can be a meal. The species are so amazing that we can’t stop after one and our tongue keeps yelling please no more.


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