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Summer has arrived and How to get rid of Body Odor – this is a common question from most of us. Poor hygiene physically activates and sports, stress, medical conditions (low blood sugar, diabetes), alcohol consumption, stress are few causes of bad odour.

Sweating is good for your body and keeps the body cool. But due to this, the bacterium develops and creates unpleasant body smell.

Let’s see how to get rid of body odor and stay fresh for a long day…

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water in a day helps in detoxifies the body and it will also clean impurities in your body.

Avoid junk food & spicy food

Avoid junk food and spicy foods, as they give the natural strong smells which will create a bad odour.  Also, avoid alcohol and caffeine drinks as well. Avoid eating raw garlic, onions to avoid bad odour.

Have green tea at least twice

Have green tea at least twice a day which helps to detoxify the body, especially with a bit of lime or lemon drops.

Bath thrice a day and apply Talc powder

Bath thrice a day or at least twice a day during summer. Also, fill the water in a bucket or bathtub and squeeze a lime in bathwater. This is a natural way of cleansing your body. Apply talc powder after every bath around all the folding in the body. Most of the sweat is accumulated in the folding, so applying talc powder which will help us to feel fresh.

Use anti-bacterial soaps & liquid soaps

Anti-bacterial soaps are helpful in this season to reduce the sweat from the body and also helps us to get rid of any infections from the body. If you can replace soaps with body gels or body soaps, as they have more strong smells and which will stay for a little longer and keep us fresh for most of the day.

Keep your clothes always fresh and clean

Wash your clothes regularly and try not to repeat any clothes without washing them in summer.  Use strong cloth conditioners which are available in the market and to make sure it will give a good smell.

Keep your body clean

Always keep your body clean by removing unwanted hair in the body.  Make sure you apply talc powder or use deodorants regularly which help to remove the unpleasant smell.

Cool fabrics and breathable clothes

Avoid wearing synthetics and silk in this season. Wear linen, cotton which can be gentle to the skin and can easily squeeze sweat from the body. Also, wear breathable clothes but make sure that body is not too much exposed to the sun and also not too covered to make you feel like boiling from inside. Avoid wearing denim in this season and prefer a cotton trouser which looks more trendy and suitable for the season.

Eat cooling foods this summer

Eat more seasonal fruits and vegetables in summer. Drink juices shake and also enjoy cold coffee and tea in this season. Eat a lot of yogurt with fruits which will be a healthy dessert. Have coconut water every day as it has health benefits that will make your body cool. Watermelon is one of the best fruits in this season as it has a lot of water in it and it has antioxidants. Eat cucumber daily which keeps you away from constipation which is another reason for sweating in our body. Eating more fibre can help in this season. Avoid red meat as it has high protein and try to eat more veggies.

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