benefits of eating pomegranate


There are many benefits of the pomegranate. Anar as we call it is among the healthiest fruit and is also considered as the ‘fruits of paradise’ in ancient culture. The temptation of pomegranate is because of the perfect mixture of crunchiness and juiciness, but other than that to, pomegranate has got a huge amount of nutritional value. It is even considered as the symbol of health, due to its natural remedy.

Benefits of The Pomegranate :

  1. Boost Immunity

Pomegranate is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, and due to this property it is mostly helpful to people who have problems in immunity. They are rich in Vitamin C which boost anti bodies in your body and helps you in developing immunity. This is the main reason why pomegranate helps you in staying away from most of the common illness. 

  1. Lower downs your stress level

Along with reducing the internal oxidative stress, pomegranate also helps in reducing the stress that you have because of the professional and personal life and also the commitments in it. It lowers down the level of cortisol, which is stress hormone that increases drastically at stressful situations. 

  1. Keeps you looking younger

We all grow old and our face seems to have getting those wrinkles, well ever wondered why? its because of the affect that is on cell due to free radicals. Pomegranate contains powerful antioxidants which actually has the ability of delaying the ageing process. Therefore, people who eat pomegranate on a regular basis have that radiant glowing skin and has along lasting youth in it. 

  1. Helps in digestion

As we all know, anar is so rich in fibre and fibres are very much required to keep your digestion proper. We all are very busy in this modern world and we all look for fast service and thats when we talk about fast food. The liking for junk food in this time has made people ignore fruits in there meal. Pomegranate adds up to lots of fibres which actually helps improving digestion. 

  1. Lower down your blood pressure

Its helps in preventing activity of serum angiotensin- converting enzymes which actually helps in lowering down the blood pressure. Punicic acid being the main constituents of anar helps in lowering your cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.

If this all makes your understand the healthy benefits of the pomegranate then, don’t forget to order it next time you order your grocery online or you go to a thelewala bhaiya. Enjoy this crunchy and juicy snack next time instead of nachos and chips. Keep healthy!!

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