Growing beard has never been easy. So, to all who are waiting for that Paul Bunyan look, get some patience and lot of grooming time. Whether you are planning a tidy connery or full on mountain man look, here are few helpful guides for days and rest all is up to you. 

  1. Your beard should match your face structure:

Like any hairstyle, your beard should actually go with your face. So after a while, you really need to decide the final look with the beard and so it’s important to give a shape to your beard as in tame it the way you want it. You look better with the tamed beard.

  1. You need to takeout time to Pamper it:

Growing beard is time taking job and not easy to follow. Its more of a life style then a one day thing. To make up your mind to grow beard is like deciding on your look for next many months. And so it’s very much important to pamper it the required way.

  1. Be Patient on yourself and Your Beard:

Being patient is the key to very job and so is the same with growing beard. Once you have made this life style choice you need to live by it and it also requires way much patience than any other task as the changes and growth is difficult to track.

  1. Trim it Regularly:

Like your hair, regular trimming is needed to grow it faster and in shape. While, it is easy to neglect the beard, but remember once you grow it, it defines your personality and no one will like to see an uneven grown beard which is telling a weird story about your lifestyle.

  1. Wash it, Oil it & Love it:

Washing it, oiling it and loving your beard means loving your face, loving your look. Growing beard is like growing long hair. Washing it regularly is very important to keep it clean and oil it is nourishing it which is very much required to grow it faster.

  1. Don’t Forget to Fuel it up:

Well, when you talk about anything related to our body, we can’t forget our food habits. Healthy eating is the key to proper health and growth in your body and the same goes for beard which is defining your look.

Well, guys all the best if you are planning a rugged look with beard it’s time to decide it as your lifestyle and make sure you take proper time to pamper it and fuel it.


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