When we say every reaction has its expiry date, we know we are talking about the complications that we face when we are in relationship. No matter how strong or weak the relation is we feel bad and disheartened when it breaks. So it’s really important that we take proper care when we interact and also never cross those lines which actually can get the relation in trouble.

  1. Give the other person some space

Being together all the time sometimes can irritate the other person. So it’s very much important that you give space to the other person and also have your ME time. This actually clears up your perspective in life and also in relationship.

2. Make yourself unavailable sometimes

If you make the other person your top most priority, you might end up being available to the other person all the time, which is not positive at times. Make sure you make yourself unavailable at times and the other person can feel your importance and importance of your presence.

3. Spend some time with your friends

Go out with your friends. Make plans with group of buddies rather than booking a table for 2. You can enjoy with your friends so that you have your life outside of the relationship and this way you keep your individuality along with your relationship.

4. Take interest in their interests

Common interest gives you option to talk about something on common grounds. Take interest in sports and also the team of their choice. Make the interest or sports a topic of discussion and you can actually see that love hate relationship of the topic making your relationship stronger.

5. Keep spicing your relation

There has to be something new to your relation every now and then. The same path can bore you on the way so it’s always good to have that newness in your life all the time. Bring some spice to your relation and enjoy the love that grows along with it.

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