Impressing anyone not necessarily is a very difficult task but for few people and in certain situation it can be difficult.  When you like someone and if they don’t know that you do then it becomes more difficult to impress them.

Trying to get noticed and make a positive impression on your crush can be tricky sometimes. So let’s see what best can be done

Don’t be a stalker

Don’t keep wandering around your crush without getting noticed, there is no point doing this. You should get noticed.

  • Pay attention to your hair, dress, and appearance so that you look smart and get noticed.
  • Look different by dressing different, to catch attention
  • Seek for opportunities to be around your crush and make sure your crush notices you.

Don’t be too hesitant to take the first step

Being too hesitant to start the conversation is not helpful to impress your crush. If you have never spoken before try to start a conversation and find a reason to talk about something that can prolong the conversation for few more minutes. But never show or give the impression that you are desperate to talk. Asking for help, asking a good question can be the right way to start the conversation.

Positive and impressive body language

Body language is very important when trying to impress anyone. It is no different if you are trying to impress your crush. There are certain positive habits that you must use to impress your crush.

  • Smile – a universal positive sign to impress anyone. Simple smile when talking will make an impression on your crush and the reaction can definitely be positive.
  • Making eye contact when having a conversation is also very important.
  • Keeping a good posture is also very important.
  • Being friendly and not making other inconvenient with your distance is important when still trying to impress them.
  • Don’t show your desperation when talking or making conversation with them.


Being kind and friendly is very much needed to be comfortable in a conversation.  Making good conversation and finding similar interests to get to know more about your crush is the next step.

  • Giving simple compliments will make your crush feel nice and friendly.
  • Depending on how and where you met for the first time and how you know each other, talking about common interests can be very helpful.
  • Don’t ask questions as if you are interrogating them, rather ask simple questions about their likes and dislikes, family, friends, etc., to know more about them.

Being yourself is always the best rewarding path to impress your crush. Take small simple steps, boost your confidence and believe in yourself.

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