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A stressful and hectic life is what we all are living now days. In middle of everything happening around us, we are actually looking for some free time which we prefer calling ME time. If your life is like mine once was, I can very well understand what you are going through.

Well we all know, in this era we are always going to live that stressful life but it is very important that how we handle that stress and how we make it to our advantage. Sometimes stress actually makes one very much productive because it makes your question yourself for a better output but after a limit it actually starts harming your health and you can feel that with degrading health conditions like no sleep and dark circles.

If that is what you feel, then lets discuss few things how you ca actually help yourself come out of it and enjoy.

1. Try Simplifying life with some schedule

It is always better to actually prioritize your work. What needs your attention now and what next is something always helps you in being productive at right time and at right place. Make a notebook and just relax and note what all work is there for you to do and once your through you know how you want to take it forward.

2. Take one thing at a time

When doing so many things together we usually tend to make mistake or mix up our work. So its always better to calm ourselves and then decide what to do . Taking one job at a time is something which actually helps one to be more production and make no mistake. Breath, relax and take up your work . Go slow on yourself because at the end its your life you never want to actually make it hard.

3. Keep Moving

You should always keep trying. It means you are doing something & Moving further. So always remember, It’s always better to actually keep doing something to reach our goal but making it slow is the key since stress is something we all want to avoid in the mid-way. Relax and take a back sit to decide your plans and then start working on it.

4. Get rid of one thing slowly which you are trying to stop from months

We all are fighting with one or the other problem that we want to get rid of . Well now is the time. Take a deep breath and make a decision of slowly getting rid of your issues and also making sure that the bad habit you always wanted to leave is the target. Keeping your mind busy with these sorts of targets actually gives you a motive little different from your main target stress and you feel good once you achieve it.

5. Do some breathing exercises

Exercise is the key to any problem. It’s not because it solves all the problems but actually it gives us the strength and calmness to handle any situation no matter which way. So just get your yoga mat and get some place with fresh air and start with few breathing exercises which will calm yourself and you can take care of the problems later.

6. Simplify your finances

Money is the most time taking thing in your life. It’s always better to simplify your finances and see the difference. Because the messy the finances are the more you find your brains occupied. So man, Just breath and relax and see what best you can do with your finances that it cannot actually eat up your brains.

7. Clean up your room and lit up a fragrance candles to calm yourself

Declutter your life even includes decluttering your room. How and where you live actually defines you in many ways . So please make sure you clean your room and also make it a place you want to come back to relax. Light up a candle and give a taste to your room. Think of a theme you want your room to have. It can be anything that makes you happy.

8. Get little creative

Becoming a creative person is the best way you can relax yourself. Take a deep breath and think of what you like and what you don’t. Become a creative fellow with all that involves you to think out of the box. Which gives you happiness and then you can always see the difference in yourself. The stress matters when you are actually doing something you don’t like and you are made to do something. Find your passion.

9. Get up little early than before

1 hour of morning is sometimes like 3 hours of day time. Your mind is so fresh that you see yourself enjoying the morning bliss and so getting up early and inhaling some fresh air actually gives you the strength to live your life without stress. The brain is filled with oxygen and so the blood circulation is best and it improves your health.

10. Listen to what your heart says

Listen to what your heart speaks. It sometime good to take a back seat and relax because overtime it cannot go your way and its very much important that you know what is that you want. You are the best judge of yourself. So listen to your heart and if your heart says, it’s time for you to relax then do that, You might come up with an amazing person on the other side of the relaxation.

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