Indian cuisine is made of a variety of combinations with authentic and traditional tastes. Flavours of India are heavily influenced by cultural choices and traditions. India is a vast country with an extreme variety of tastes and flavours. India is famous for its spices and India had the lowest rate if meat consumption, here in India most of the peoples are vegetarians.

Being diverse country, every state in India has their traditional dish and we will take a look at the some of the famous dishes at popular states in India

Delhi special dish – Butter chicken/Makhani chicken

Famous butter chicken dish which is very famous today is born at Delhi. This dish is one of famous chicken dishes which can go very well with rice and roti’s. Pranthas, chaats, deserts like kulfi are also very famous in Delhi.

butter chicken

Special dish at Rajasthan –Dal baati churma

It is Rajasthan classical signature dish. It is a platter of semi-sweet, spicy Dal and deep fried Baati. It is especially a dish to try at Rajasthan during winter months. Baati is famous for its long shelf life and it hardly needs any water for preparation which is why it is a feasible dish at Rajasthan. A lot of spices, oil, and yogurt are used in Rajasthan cuisine.


Special dish at Haryana – Kadhi pakora

Because of cattle wealth at Haryana, milk, yogurt, butter, ghee is common household items at Haryana. Haryani foods are simple and not complicated to prepare. This state is also called ‘Land of Rotis’ where a lot of people are fond of eating rotis here. Kadhi pakora is a simple and tasty dish where gram flour dumplings are cooked in yogurt with aromatic flavours. This dish is popular almost throughout India and this can be served with rice or roti or as a snack.

kadhi pakoda

Special Maharashtrian dish – Thalipeeth

It is a multi-grain pancake, where the dough is made of roasted sabudana. Coriander seeds, cumin seeds, wheat, and rice. Marathi people have a diverse cuisine as there are many communities among them. The majority of people in Maharashtra do not eat meat and eggs.

Famous Punjabi dish – Sarson ka saag

Punjabi dishes are famous for its rich spices, buttery flavours, both vegetarian and meat dishes are extremely famous.  Sarson ka song is a traditional dish of Punjab made from mustard leaves and spices. It is a very good combination with rotis topped with butter. Chole, lassi, butter chicken, dal makhni, and Punjabi tikka are other delicious items to try if you visit Punjab.


Food specialities of Uttarakhand – Garhwal ka Fannah

Uttarakhand food is very nutritious and tasty too. Most of the food in this state includes vegetables with milk based products. Garhwal ka Fannah is one of the popular dishes of Uttarakhand.

Pic Source – recipes of timesofindia

Famous food of Uttar Pradesh – Seekh kebabs

Uttar Pradesh, state from Northern India is greatly influenced by Mughal cooking techniques. Nawabi foods are famous here. Mutton, paneer and rich spices are famous in this state. An Awadi and Mughlia cuisine is famous in Uttar Pradesh. Seekh kebabs and Shami kebabs are famous in Uttar Pradesh which is originally introduced by Mughals which are made from minced meat and other ingredients.

Pic Source – tripadvisor
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