Confidence makes a huge difference in you. You automatically feel good about everything when you are confident. There are many ways through which you can gain confidence within you. Fashion is one thing that will make you feel confident. It reflects your personality, more over it changes the way people see you.

Play with fashion in the right way to gain confidence.
Some clothes and accessories have the power to make you feel comfortable in your own skin

Choosing the right color

People should choose the right kind of colors depending on their skin tone. There are two kind of undertones – warm toned and cool toned.
*A quick hack to find your undertone*
‘Look at the veins on your wrist. If you have green looking veins then you have warm undertone.If you have veins that are blue looking then you have cool undertone.’

Try choosing the dresses which matches your undertone. Wrong colors can either wash you out or make you look pale!
If you choose the right color you will feel confident. Also make sure what do you want to covey to people. Because colors speak too, earth tones and light, warm colors can make you look approachable. Bright colors like red are attention grabbers. Dark, monochromatic colors can make you look powerful. Wear muted or pale colors if you want to be noticed less. You can definitely play with colors by color blocking.


Basics always help. A basic t-shirt, or a basic formal shirt makes you comfortable and you feel confident.
Always have a go to dress in which you feel comfortable. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can be a basic shift dress which you can slip into anytime without a second thought.
Of course you can pair things up by mixing and matching, wear heels to add the glam but do make sure that they are comfortable because you don’t want to trip in public so do keep a ready to go footwear with you!

Well fitted denim is a must. Your wardrobe is incomplete without a perfect denim.


Layering can always make you feel confident. And it totally helps during winters. Add up a leather jacket, shrug, or a waist coat whichever compliments your outfit.
Also by adding up a scarf. A structured blazer will boost you confidence.


Accessories are a must. They just complete the whole look. A classy pair of sunglasses can make your look fab! Every woman needs statement sunglasses that scream classy.
A statement neckpiece or an earring can make a huge difference to your outfit. If you are going for too much of prints then you can skip the neckpiece or go for a very tiny and decent one. But if you choose a plain or light cultured outfit you could easily choose a statement neckpiece depending on the trend. It will make you feel complete.

You are a brand in yourself, just dress right and feel confident.

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