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In this busy life schedule, whenever we adopt any habit it lasts with us for a lifetime. Life is going so fast that we never realise we are doing anything wrong in our daily life. By the way, nothing is wrong. It is just a manner of doing anything that we have to modify.

It is possible that we are doing things with a lot of efforts but there are simple ways to do them.

So here we are going to discuss 10 things that you keep doing wrong on daily life.

  1. Holding your drinks

Whenever you are going to drink any liquid thing. Keep in mind that you have to hold it from the neck or the stem of the glass. If you hold it directly on the liquid part, I mean where the liquid part is in the glass, Then it will affect the temperature of the drink or it will change the taste of the drink.

  1. Shampoo your hair

So still you are shampooing your hair for all days in a week. Hair care experts tell that you have no need to shampoo your hair more than two or three times a week. Whenever you shampoo more than two or three times, it harms your hair.

  1. Use a small amount of toothpaste or pea size

We all think that using more toothpaste can clean more of our teeth. But it is not like that it is harmful. According to the dentist, we should use a pea size amount of toothpaste for brushing our teeth.

  1. Bath before bed

It is right to take a bath before bed but in warm water. Many people take bath in hot water before going to bed. It is harmful, as our body temperature remains elevated and it is harmful to our heart and veins as well.

  1. Flushing the toilet

Don’t flush the toilet seat before closing it to avoid “toilet plume”. In this, the germs and fecal matter get upwards with the force created by the sudden gush of water. Closingthe lid reduces the spread of droplets so now everytime close the lid before flushing.

6. Using hands while coughing

While coughing we use our hands so that bacteria don’t spread. But after coughing, from those hands, we touch many things of our home like doors, doorbell, sofa, remote, mobile phone etc. And it spreads harmful bacteria to these things. To avoid this we should use Crook of our elbow while coughing.

  1. Sleeping on your stomach

Many people might enjoy sleeping on the stomach but it is not the right way of that. Because it hurts our back and many parts of our body. The right way to sleep is on back. It gives more relax then sleeping on our stomach.

  1. Gripping your phone

There is no perfect way to grip your phone, everyone has a different habit. But still, there are some. You have to grip your phone like a pro so that you would look confident with your smartphone. Grip your phone with all the fingers and just use thumb and the fingers of another hand to operate the device.

  1. Holding a pen and writing

From our childhood, we gain a habit of holding a pen or pencil. Sometimes we choose this habit according to our comfort zone. But the best way to hold a pen is that our forefinger, middle finger and Thumb makes a triangle together.

  1. Getting up in the morning

Some people just open their eyes and start walking from the bed. But the best way to wake up is just open your eyes for 10 minutes and keep in mind that what you have to do in your whole day. Make a plan in your mind. Don’t wake up in a hurry and jump into your washroom. You can spoil your whole day.

So these were the 10 things that you might do wrong in your daily life. Share the ultimate tips with one who needs them.

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