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Love is an art. And if you love someone, you always want that feeling to be reverted with great affection. So, let’s talk about how we can make someone fall in love with you when you love someone.

1. Take good care of yourself

It’s a famous saying that if you don’t love yourself then how can others love you. Pamper yourself and see the difference. It is very important to make yourself a priority and take good care of yourself.

2. Be mysterious

Opening all your cards at once makes you available to the other person and it might happen that the person starts taking you for granted. It always better to be little mysterious and make the other person keep guessing about you. Keep the mystery alive to keep the fire alive.

3. Know when to make yourself unavailable

If you make time for the person overtime they ask for it, it might give them a wrong impression and it might be considered as you are always available for them no matter even if it’s about your priorities. Make sure you are unavailable at times to mark your importance and make them realize your worth.

4. Make eye contact

I know it’s really difficult to actually hide your feelings and your feelings are at highest level when you look into their eyes. But don’t give a wrong impression, look into their eyes when you talk and present yourself as a confident person.

5. Smile a lot

Smile is the key to every successful relationship, so does it? It’s always good to present yourself happy. That’s an amazing feeling of looking at someone who smiles most of the time. Keep a smile on your face and you can win it.

6. Make them feel special

You are special and if you’re like someone then there is something very special about that person. Make them feel they are special, in a very special way. Make them know that there is someone for them who actually finds them adorable.

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