how to get pink lips


Lips are visible, sensitive, and soft body parts. Pink lips add natural beauty to the overall appearance. Normally, we are all born with soft pink lips but eventually, the color and texture of our lips change because of various reasons like habits, genes, not taking good care of them, staying dehydrated, etc.

But with some small tips and a little effort, we can fix this problem and get natural pink and soft lips.

Let’s read How to get pink lips:

Exfoliate Lips regularly

Exfoliating lip at least once a week is an important step to take to have nice pink lips. Using toothbrush and lip balm we should exfoliate our lips. Make sure you use soft bristle brush so that they don’t hurt top layer skin as they have very sensitive skin.

Stay Hydrated and Avoid Licking

If you have dry lips then it’s a sign of dehydration. Drinking a lot of water in a day is extremely important for a healthy life and of course, having healthy lips is no different. Licking lips especially when they are dehydrated is not at all recommended which leads to dark lips eventually. Applying a lip balm is recommended to avoid dry lips rather than licking.

Coconut or Olive Oil before Bed

If you are suffering from very dry lips in summer especially, applying coconut oil or olive oil before going bed is very helpful. These oils will keep the skin moisturized overnight and anyone can see the change within a week.

Homemade Lip Scrub

A Simple combination of white or brown sugar, with honey and coconut oil, makes a very good scrub. A gentle massage with this scrub for 30 seconds and then washing with warm water will give a good texture for lips.  Sugar helps remove dead cells from lips, so combining sugar with olive oil can also be a good scrub for lips.

Butter and Honey

Butter and honey have extreme moistening capability and these can make your lips really soft. Applying them to lips before going to bed can keep the lips hydrated overnight. Honey has the capability to fight any infections on the lips.

Pomegranate for Lips

This is a very popular ingredient and effective too for pink lips. Pomegranate juice helps lighten pigmented lips and make them pink and soft. Applying just pomegranate juice or mixing it with milk is a good home remedy for having pink lips.

Rose petals for lips

Another popular ingredient is a natural anti-inflammatory which will nourish lips if used regularly.  Soaking rose petals in milk overnight and then make a paste of them by grinding. Applying this mixture will keep the lips soft and pink. Applying rose water on its own can also bring beautiful change for lips.

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